sage // zelenia // asteria

they/them | asian australian | pronouny

hey there! i'm sage.

i'm rlly shy. feel free to talk to me, although keep in mind i'm kinda rlly awkward most of the time until i get to know you better.

using tone indicators would be vry useful for me if we're mutuals, but not completely necessary!


  • eng / 中文 are ok

  • queer - non-binary + oriented aro/ace (bi)

  • infp-t | sagittarius (15th dec ) | true neutral

  • writer | artist | roleplayer


please note that this is not an exhaustive list! some of these may also be more lowkey than others.

games are just a list of games i play and/or may be interested in, feel free to ask to add me

current main interest genshin impact


  • ansatsu kyoushitsu

  • boku no hero academia

  • bungou stray dogs

  • fairy tail

  • haikyuu!!

  • + more but they're the ones i know best


  • percy jackson + heroes of olympus (not caught up on other series)

  • harry potter (magic is cool but like. death of the author)


  • genshin impact

  • animal crossing: pocket camp

  • sky: children of the light

  • cookie run (+ kingdom)

  • among us

  • pokemon (in general)


  • voltron: legendary defender

  • she-ra and the princesses of power

  • avatar: the last airbender


  • some content creators - sykkuno, jacksepticeye, disguised toast, valkyrae

  • maybe more??

byf / byi

  • i'm rlly awkward + you may notice me reusing phrases lol

  • using tone indicators such as /j, /nm, /gen, /lh would be vry helpful for me ^^ (not required)

  • i'm not rlly a shipper and it's really rare i consume romantic-related content (knowingly)

  • i'm not usually 'up to date' on anything - it is very likely i am not going to know the latest problematic thing Person A has done or said

  • if i have you blocked anywhere (and you feel you do not fit the dni below), it means i do not feel comfortable interacting with you in some way, shape or form


i won't probably be comfortable with interacting with you for an extended period of time if i realise that you are one of the following listed below. just like, ignore me and move on, if i find you first, i will probably block.

  • fall in 'basic' dni criteria (homophobic, transphobic, racist, xenophobic, MAPs / pedos, generally a bigot)

  • exclusionist in general - transmed / truscum, aro/ace exclus, pan exclus, etc

  • trump supporter

  • if you genuinely hate / dislike any of my interests + specifically goes out to make that extremely clear to people in general?

  • has / will harrass + suicide bait others and does not find issue with it

  • invalidates / think that queerplatonic relationships are "just friends"

  • will bring discourse to me or similar

the above is not exhaustive and may be changed tbh


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